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Are your solar panels not performing as efficiently as before, and you are concerned about how dirt, debris and pollutants might be impacting your investment? Well look no further! Our professional solar panel cleaning service will revitalize your system for maximum energy production and a greener future.

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Why Clean Solar Panels Regularly?

Solar panel cleaning is vital to the continued operation of solar panels. According to studies, they can lose as much as 20% of their output when dirty. Some warranties require proof of professional cleaning. Your array will not work at its maximum efficiency with a simple garden hose and occasional rain. Schedule an appointment to have your solar panels cleaned with More Sun Solar Co today. There are many benefits.

Regular solar panel cleaning is the smartest choice you can make to protect and optimize the performance of your system. Here are a few compelling reasons why investing in professional cleaning service should be at the top of your priority list:

Enhance Energy Production

Clean solar panels allow more light into their cells for efficient energy generation. By clearing away obstructions, your output could increase by as much as 20% resulting in savings on energy bills.

Protect Your Investment

Solar panels are long-term investments, and it is crucial that they operate at peak performance for as long as possible. Regular cleaning helps avoid premature wear and tear and ensures peak performance over time.

Maintain Warranty Validity

Solar panel manufacturers often require regular maintenance, including cleaning, to uphold their warranties and protect investments. By investing in our professional service, you can rest easy knowing that your warranty remains valid and your investment remains safe.

Improve Aesthetics

Dirty solar panels not only reduce performance, but they can also ruin the aesthetics of your property. Our cleaning service restores their original shine for enhanced visual appeal in your home or business.

Start To Optimize Your Solar Investment Today!

Filthy solar systems hinder their performance and savings potential, so invest in our professional solar panel cleaning service to take full advantage of its potential savings and enjoy increased energy production, protected warranties and a cleaner, greener future.

Why Choose Our Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Service?

Clean solar panels might seem like an effortless task, but it comes with its own set of obstacles. From climbing onto rooftops to handling specialized equipment and providing thorough service, achieving success requires expertise and experience – this is why our service stands out.

Trained And Certified Technicians

Our team is composed of professional solar panel cleaners who understand all of the intricacies involved with cleaning solar panels safely and effectively without causing any harm to them or to your panels. They possess both knowledge and expertise in doing so without creating any lasting damage to them or your panels.

Environmentally Friendly Approach

At More Sun Solar Co, we take an environmentally-friendly approach. All our cleaning techniques and products are eco-friendly so as not to cause harm while effectively clearing away dirt from solar panels.

Peace Of Mind

With our professional service, you can rest easy knowing your solar panels are in capable hands. We take care of the cleaning services to guarantee an effortless experience while freeing up your time to focus on other important tasks.

Customized Cleaning Plans

Every solar panel system is different, which is why we provide custom cleaning plans tailored specifically to your requirements. From residential installations to large commercial arrays, our expertise allows us to offer the ideal solution.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We utilize cutting-edge cleaning equipment designed specifically to clean solar panels efficiently and thoroughly, reaching all corners for an in-depth and detailed clean.

Common Solar Panel Cleaning FAQs Answered

Solar panels produce electricity by harvesting sunlight; over time they can become fouled with dust, dirt, bird droppings and pollen that reduce their efficiency, so regular cleaning helps optimize their energy production.
Cleaning frequency depends on many factors, including your location, climate and level of dirt in the area. As a general guideline, cleaning should occur once or twice annually; however, in areas prone to dust or pollution or where energy production drops significantly more frequent maintenance may be necessary.
Although cleaning solar panels yourself is possible, it’s wise to follow manufacturer’s guidelines and take necessary safety precautions. Before starting to attempt it yourself, ensure you feel safe working at heights using equipment like a soft brush/sponge, gentle soap solution and rinsing hose – anything abrasive materials or harsh chemicals which might harm the panels should be avoided as these could be damaging.
Yes, tap water should generally be sufficient for cleaning solar panels; however, in hard or high mineral content environments it could leave behind residue on the panels which requires additional steps such as deionized or distilled water for optimal results and to achieve an accurate result without leaving spots behind.
Cleaning solar panels in the early morning or late evening when they are cool is ideal, since spraying cold water on hot panels could result in thermal stress that damages them further. Furthermore, cleaning them on cloudy days or times when there is less sun can prevent rapid drying and streaking issues from developing quickly.
For safety, it is always advisable to switch off your system before undertaking any cleaning efforts. Please refer to your user manual or contact your installer in order to understand specific safety procedures that pertain to your system.
Adherence to manufacturer guidelines when cleaning solar panels won’t void their warranty; however, using harsh materials or chemicals that aren’t recommended could potentially void it – be sure to consult the warranty documentation or get in touch with the manufacturer for specific information before undertaking such activities.


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